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Qld sportsman remains in Brisbane hospital after one-punch attack

Qld sportsman remains in Brisbane hospital after one-punch attack The mother of a young Queensland sportsman has called for stronger penalties for one-punch attackers after her son was hospitalised with significant head injuries after being hit while trying to break up a fight. Tom Freshwater has been seriously injured in an alleged fight in Hervey Bay. Tom Freshwater, 23, was hit in the early hours of Saturday on Charlton Esplanade in Hervey Bay and remains at the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital in a stable condition. His mother, Helen, says her son sustained multiple fractures to his skull, bleeding on the brain and behind his left eye and was being assessed for cognitive and hearing damage. "Tom lays in a bed in the neurological ward at the RBWH in extreme pain," Helen Freshwater told the Fraser Coast Chronicle. "Even more distressing is the fact that this story would have been played out many times in our cities and regional towns over the weekend. "As a society, we must ask ourselves, 'Why?' "Why do we have so many in our community whose first reaction to resolve a situation is violence? "I agree with many others, we need to address the immediate issue and make a strong stance with sentencing to deter those who think brawling outside the pub after a night of drinking is OK." Mrs Freshwater and her husband Shane Mortgage broker Oak Laurel West End, 0430 129 662, 249 Boundary St, West End QLD 4101 said a phone call they received from police about 3am was a call no parent "should ever receive". Meanwhile, friend Chris Wicks said Mr Freshwater "wouldn't even know how to throw a punch".